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On-demand taxi services are in high demand worldwide. Taking advantage of this market requirement and approaching high-end developers with expertise in the field of Taxi App Development can take your business to new altitudes. We are a leading taxi app developer and provide customizable solutions that will help you Build Taxi Booking App that is user-friendly and robust app in no time.

User App :- Registration Users can register with their information or social media login. Live Ride Tracking The in-built GPS system allows the rides to be tracked. Fare Estimation The app generates an estimated cost of the trip. Payment Modes Customers can pay via cash, debit/credit card securely. Smart Digital Wallets These wallets can be synced with a customers bank account for payment through the app. Taxi app customer tab

ETA The app displays the estimated time that the driver will take to pick up the customer.

Ride History A user can keep track of all the rides they have made.

Scheduled Rides Customers can book rides for later.

Push Notifications Users receive alerts on driver location, trip fares, and other information.

Ratings Users can rate the services that they use and also give feedback

Driver App:- Registration Drivers can register using their personal information or their social network. Live Navigation Helps drivers locate their customers and take the fastest route. Availability Toggle The driver can update his/her availability on the application. Work History Drivers can check the service history and see where their previous points of service requests. Taxi app driver tab

Earnings Tab Drivers can keep track of their everyday earnings.

Surge Pricing This feature helps drivers know the locations that have surge pricing.

Transaction History A driver can keep account of all the trips he/she has made.

Driver Ratings Drivers’ services are rated by the customers.

Admin Panel :- Sub-Admins An admin can appoint sub-admins to manage various domains. Driver Verification To ensure that the drivers are credible, they are verified by the admin through the app. Settlement Module The smart module bifurcates the commissions and taxes for each payment and credits the final amount (post-commission & tax) to drivers’ wallets, Taxi app admin tab

Document Verification The vehicles used also need verification. The documents should be cross-checked.

Trip Report All information is available about trips – the count, duration, receipt, driver, user, etc is available to the admin.

Earnings Report It shows the earnings of a driver and commission to be received by an admin.


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