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Harmony – Project Management Tool

Bring harmony to your teams with this amazing project management tool.

Read the official docs for more details

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Harmony is a project management tool to manage your projects.

It can be used by large organizations to manage projects across their teams or by developers to manage their own projects. You can create workspaces, Kanban boards, Scrum projects, lists, cards, add members, attachments, labels, check lists/items, due dates and many more.

The source code is fully available after purchase and of course you get updates every time a new release is available! This means you can host your own instance of Harmony rather than paying paid services.


Project oriented features

  • Create workspaces
  • Create and manage Kanban projects
  • Create and manage Scrum projects
  • Receive email notifications upon actions (e.g. member assigned to card, card completed, member added to workspace or a board)

Scrum features

  • Build backlog
  • Create sprints
  • Move issues between backlog & sprints
  • Start & complete sprints

Board features

  • Add, rename and re-order board lists (e.g. TODO, IN PROGRESS, DONE etc..)
  • Add new issues to board lists – issues are assigned a type (task, story, bug or epic)
  • Move issues between board lists or re-order in the same list
  • Edit card’s title (card = issue)
  • Edit card’s description with an integrated text editor
  • Add labels to a card – predefined or new custom created
  • Remove labels from card
  • Set due date for an issue
  • Add check lists with items in a card
  • Assign member(s) to an issue
  • Upload attachments to a card
  • Remove attachments from a card
  • Archive a card

Member features

  • Register a new user
  • Login
  • Add a member to a workspace
  • Share a project (board) with a member
  • Remove members from workspaces & projects
  • Edit user account
  • Upload profile picture


  • SignalR
  • Blazor
  • MudBlazor components
  • Entity Framework
  • Dapper
  • CQRS MediatR
  • HangFire
  • RabbitMQ


Read the official and always up to date Setup guide of the official docs to configure Harmony.

Default users created

By default two users will be created for you:

  1. username: administrator , password: Pa$$w0rd!
  2. username: johndoe , password: Pa$$w0rd!

Read the official docs for more details

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