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Why FooddyShop?

  • Complete turnkey solution for your business. Besides the app, you get Backend (Node.js), Website (Bootstrap v5.0), Control Panel (Vue v3.1).
  • More than half a year in development, stable code.
  • Constant updates and improvements.
  • Integration of any payment systems is possible.
  • Any integrations with external services are possible.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Didn’t find the features you want? We are always happy to add new features for you.

Customer App features

  • Home – the main page of the application, here are the main controls and a showcase.
    • Promotions – carousel of promotions banners. When clicking on a banner, the following can open: HTML text, Category, Product, Subscription, Gift, arbitrary link.
    • Hits – carousel of featured products.
    • Categories – carousel of category tabs.
    • Products – showcase of goods. Customer can add a product to the cart, add a product to Wishlist, go to the product page. A product may contain arbitrary stickers to attract attention.
    • Points of Sale – different products, promotions and other content can be displayed in relation to the selected point of sale (multi-vendor).
    • Sold Out – it is possible to remove goods from sale in real time.
    • Notifications – push notifications. When clicking on a push notification, the following can open: Promotion, HTML text, Category, Product, Subscription, Gift, arbitrary link.
  • QrCode – a random QR code that a customer will show to a vendor to accrue a gift.
  • Product Pape – a detailed description of a product with one photo or more photos, ingredients, energy value, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. A customer can choose one of the product options (multi-price), add modifiers, share a link to the product on social networks, leave a review, add to the cart.
  • Cart – displays previously added products. A cusomer can edit the contents of the cart, empty the cart, add a promotional code (to get a discount), choose a receipt method (Inside, Take away, Delivery), add wishes to an order, select a payment method (Online payment, Cach, POS, Balance, Bonuses), send an order.
  • Points of Sale – displays a point of sale carousel and on a map. The buyer can choose a point of sale, see the address, phone number, work schedule, one or several photos. By default, the app finds the closest point of sale based on the location of the device.
  • Wishlist – displays previously added products. The customer can delete certain items or clear the list, go to the product page.
  • Sign In – very simple and convenient customer authorization. The customer can log in to the system using only his phone or email (configurable in Control Panel).
  • Profile – displays customer’s profile. A customer can change his name, phone, email, create an avatar.
  • Balances – displays b and the history of balances. A customer can top up the balance.
  • Bonuses – displays the number of bonuses and the history of bonuses.
  • History of orders – displays customer’s order history.
  • Gifts – displays the gifts a customer can receive.
  • Seasons – displays the subscriptions a customer can buy.
  • Leave a review – allows a customer to leave a review.
  • Support – allows a customer to send a message to support.
  • Agreements – displays terms and conditions (configurable in Control Panel).

Website features

The functionality of Website is approximately the same as Customer App.

Control Panel features, Vendor Panel features, Backend features

You can find out more details here:

Android App:


Control Panel:

Vendor Panel:

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