4 App Template | Society Management App + Guard App| Security App | Building Management App Appsgate

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4 App Template | Society Management App + Guard App| Security App | Building Management App Appsgate

Modern and Comprehensive Society Management App Template for Gated Communities

AppsGate is a modern and user-friendly society management app template that provides a comprehensive solution to managing gated communities. It helps users stay informed about who is entering and leaving their society, making it a powerful tool for society management. The app has a modern design and is easily customizable to fit the needs of any society. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it the perfect choice for any society looking to streamline their management processes. 

AppsGate has a total of 2 App templates for user & guard with 70+ screens.

List of Screens

1.User App Template Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign in Screen
  • Sign Up Screen
  • OTP Verification Screen
  • Select Society Screen
  • Home Alert Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Allow My Guest Screen
  • Allow Cab Screen
  • Allow Deliveryman Screen
  • Allow Serviceman Screen
  • Gatepass Screen
  • Entry call Screen
  • Help Desk Screen
  • Raise Complaint Screen
  • Complaints Info & Comments Screen
  • Notice Board Screen
  • Payments Screen
  • Payment Methods Screen
  • Payment Receipt Screen
  • Booked Amenities Screen
  • Select Amenity Screen
  • Amenities Payment Screen
  • Activity Screen
  • Posts Screen
  • Create Post Screen
  • Chat Screen
  • Residents Screen
  • Chatting Screen
  • Services Screen
  • Book Service Screen
  • My Bookings Screen
  • My Posts Screen
  • Household Screen
  • Add Family Screen
  • Add Helps Screen
  • Add Vehicle Screen
  • Add Entries Screen
  • Gatepass Screen
  • Notification Screen
  • Setting Screen
  • Profile Screen
  • Support Screen
  • Terms & Conditions Screen


2.Guard App Template Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Security Log In Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Pre Approve Entry Screen
  • Guest Entry Screen
  • Select Building Screen
  • Select Flat Number Screen
  • Confirm Selection Screen
  • Confirm Screen
  • Ringing Screen
  • Allowed Screen
  • Declined Screen
  • Not Responded Screen
  • Delivery Entry Screen
  • Delivery Company Screen
  • Select Building Screen
  • Select Flat Number Screen
  • Confirmation Screen
  • Ringing Screen
  • Allowed Screen
  • Serviceman Entry Screen
  • Service Company Screen
  • Cab Entry Screen
  • Cab Company Screen
  • Visitors Screen
  • Waiting Screen
  • Settings Screen
  • New Message Pop Up Screen
  • Recent Messages Screen
  • Support Screen

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