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News Blog react native mobile app with admin panel

The News Blog React Native App with Node.js Backend is a cutting-edge application that combines the power of React Native for the front-end and Node.js for the back-end, providing a seamless and efficient solution for creating a news blog or article-based mobile application.

The React Native framework allows for the development of native mobile apps using JavaScript, making it easy to create a cross-platform app that works smoothly on both iOS and Android devices. With its intuitive user interface and powerful performance, React Native ensures a seamless user experience.

The app comes with a robust Node.js backend, providing a reliable and scalable server-side solution. Node.js allows for real-time data synchronization, efficient handling of requests, and smooth integration with databases, ensuring that the app functions flawlessly even under heavy traffic.

Whether you’re a news organization, a content creator, or an entrepreneur looking to launch a news blog app, the News Blog React Native App with Node.js Backend provides a solid foundation for building a feature-rich, high-performance mobile application. Purchase this app now and get started on your news blog venture!

Supporting the latest version of React native and Android, iOSNews Blog Features

News Blog Features

Mobile App

  • App tour
  • News Blog categories
  • Top, Latest, Videos, etc dynamic news categories
  • Search news
  • Favorite news
  • Setting for app
  • Light and Dark theme enabled
  • Notifications
  • Multi language enabled

Admin panel

  • News uplload
  • Manage categories
  • Manage User language
  • Inventory Management
  • and Many More…


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