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LiveSmart Server Video

LiveSmart Server Video is an advanced standalone web application with video, audio, recording, screen sharing and file transfer face-to-face communication channels and integrated chat for theoretically unlimited attendees. The product does not require any additional installations or third party logins and accounts, just desktop or mobile browser. You can set a highly customizable video conferencing tool with tons of features.

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LiveSmart Server Video is the long waited advanced version of the top-rated LiveSmart Video Chat product with much more attendees in a video session.
Check this article for detailed description of used technologies and features comparison between the two products.

New features

Free installation support if your host server meets the requirements. Please contact me from the support form or from here.

– Presence button. Visitors to the site can directly contact host with video request. Go to page. You will see the button red. If you login to the dasboard button will go green and visitor can start a video request;
– LiveSmart is now monetizable. You can start earn money with it – setup a payment plan and add subscriptions. Also they can have own branding, look&feel and logo. Use PayPal, Strip or for payments;
– ChatGPT support: Enable chat GPT and you can ask AI different questions in the chat panel;
– Run time save: While recording, file is saved run-time on the server. This allows much bigger recorded files;
– Video pin: You can pin an attendee video, so it remains focused;
– Integration with Perfex: Check plugin page;
– Integration with Sngine: Check plugin page;
– Integration with WoWonder: Check plugin page;
– Integration with PlayTube: Check plugin page;
– Recordings are saved on server: Now video sessios can be saved on the server run time regardless of the size;
– Speech to text: While an attendee is speaking, you can receive the speech stranscoded in text;
– Translation: Translate both speech and chat. Demo is available here;
– Text to speech: Text from chat or translated messages can be transcribed into voice messages.
– Virtual background: upon meeting start, attendees can choose to blur their background or choose a virtual image;

LiveSmart Server Video is perfect for:

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LiveSmart Server Video - 3

LiveSmart Server Video - 4


LiveSmart Server Video - 5

Feature Demos and usages
Live video Demo with screen sharing, recording, file sharing, user management, whiteboard, YouTube channel streaming and file transfer
Online scheduling Health-care solution. Schedule meetings on definite timeframe. Meeting is automatically stopped at the end and there is a timer showing the remaining time.
Online lessons Broadcasting demo. Ideal for online classes. The tutor is with his camera and microphone on, while attendees are muted. They can raise a hand to request permission.
Monetization and subscriptions Subscriptions and payments. Start using LiveSmart as SaaS and earn money.
ChatGPT Directly start a meeting. You can ask AI different questions, while in a call or chat or alone in the room.
Speech recognition Speech is transformed into text messages for the other party.
Text to speech Type in your chat and your attendee will receive voice messages. This functionality can be combined with translation module.
Speech to text & translation Translation demo. Speech to text and translation. It requires Google API key and is available for Chrome. Chat messages are also translated.
Presence button Button on the site, where visitors can start direct video session with host, if host is online. More information about how to setup it.
Private rooms You can setup a private room by defining a password for it.
ScreenShare, File share Share your entire screen to present document or slides. Send files to all your participants.
Waiting room and admission Attendee can adjust video and audio settings before joining a meeting. Also host can have the option to admit a visitor or not in the meeting.
Whiteboard Collaborative whiteboard to help online teaching and presenters.
Chat Interactive chat with Emoji picker
Stream YouTube video Start the demo, open Settings, fill in YouTube URL and the video will start streaming.
Switch camera Switch between front and back camera of your mobile.
Localization For more information about how to do the localization of LiveSmart, visit this guide.
WoWonder Integration You can see the demo site and login with admin1/admin1234, demo1/demo1234 or create own user.

Check the User Guide section for a detailed description of all the features.

Supported browsers and OS

LiveSmart Server Video is supported on all major browsers:
LiveSmart Server Video - 6
– Desktop PC. Microsoft Edge 12+, Google Chrome 28+, Mozilla Firefox 22+, Safari 11+, Opera 18+, Vivaldi 1.9+, IE 11 (Needs installation of Temasys plugin. You will be guided through the installation process)
– Android. Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29), Mozilla Firefox 24+, Opera Mobile 12+
– Chrome OS.
– Firefox OS.
– Mobile Safari at least iOS 11 and Mac Safari.


– HTTPS (SSL certificate) and root access needed (usually shared hosting do not offer this service, so you need VPS or dedicated server);
– For server side scripts: at least Node 12.x;
– You need port 9002 to be opened. You can change the port from your configuration file;
– Some basic skills of system administration.

Possible Usages

– Set an online/offline contact button on your site and track and contact your visitors;
– Set a private room and share it with your contacts in order to establish a direct video call with screen sharing, file transfer, whiteboard collaborative tool and recording;
– Switch between front and back camera of your mobile to make an outstanding demo for your customers;
– Use only chat for support and fun;


– Educational, online lessons, tutorials, video streaming
– Health-care consultations
– Support, online sales, video consultations, real estate and car resellers
– Social media
– Real time streaming and where ever peer to peer video is needed
– different type of shows, live performances and events.

Installation Guide, FAQ and Demos

Installation Guide
User Guide
Live Demo
Meeting Scheduling Demo (health-care consultation)
Broadcasting Demo (online lessons, live streaming)
Speech to text and translation
Dashboard demo, login with demo/demo

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