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Restaurant Admin System

Restaurant Admin System

Restaurant Admin System - 1


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Restaurant Admin System is an application developed using Angular and CakePHP technologies in which you can manage many features and sync your restaurant in one place. Application works in all the platforms i.e Android, iOS and Desktop, we have added PWA (Progressive Web App) feature as well, so that you can install the application in your mobile or desktop devices.

Below is the SignIn interface screenshot ,very clean and good looking interface to simply login with username and password , here is the Login details you can use below to Sign In

username: admin password: admin

Restaurant Admin System - 2

Nice Dashboard to where you can see earnings (monthly), earnings (yearly), total items and customers and you can even navigate to item and customer list from dashboard itself. You can see graphical representation of your yearly income and recent orders listing below to the graph, below is the dashboard interface screenshot

Restaurant Admin System - 3

Through Order Management, you can see all orders with different status on the basis of your restaurant, we have added All orders, accepted, pending, completed and rejected. Below is the Orders Interface screenshot

Restaurant Admin System - 4



  • Dashboard
  • Earnings (Monthly)
  • Earnings (Yearly)
  • Items
  • Users
  • Graphical representation of yearly income
  • Recent Orders
  • Settings
  • Favicon/Logo
  • General Settings
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Email Settings
  • Subscribers
  • Subscribers List
  • Delete Subscriber
  • Order Management
  • All Orders
  • View Order Details
  • Delete Order
  • Accepted
  • Pending
  • Completed
  • Rejected
  • Items Management
  • Categories List
  • New Category
  • Edit Category
  • Delete Category
  • Sub Categories List
  • New Subcategory
  • Edit Subcategory
  • Delete Subcategory
  • Items List
  • Add New Item
  • Edit Item
  • Delete Item
  • Manage Customers
  • Customers List
  • Add Customer
  • Edit Customer
  • Delete Customer
  • Table Reservations
  • All Reservations
  • New Reservations
  • Accepted
  • Pending
  • Rejected
  • Delete Reservations
  • Payouts
  • All Payouts
  • Online Payouts
  • Cash Payouts
  • PhonePay Payouts
  • PayTm Payouts
  • GooglePay Payouts
  • Card Payouts
  • Delete Payouts
  • Other Features
  • Sorting (Asc, Desc) in all the table results
  • Search any column value in all the table results
  • Server Pagination in all the table results


Please visit our profile page or ask question @uniyaldeepak4 Support for my items includes:

  • license responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
  • license fixing bugs and reported issues
  • license providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Item support does not include:

  • license customization and installation services
  • license support for third party software and plug-ins

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