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CV Laundry Management Software is a system application program that helps smoothen and improvise the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow like laundry record-keeping, laundry billing, pos, collection, delivery, sales analytics, and dashboards.
Note: This is the Source Code project. To use this you need to have some knowledge about VB.NET and Visual Studio.

Laundry Management Software Features

Laundry POS System

This software service includes all billing features. It allows users to generate orders depending on both individual pieces of clothing. It also has the feature to save phone numbers, generate SMS to alert customers about their orders and deliveries. One of the key hallmarks for POS service is tagging and thermal and laser invoice printing. These functions help classify orders separately for identification purposes.

Laundry CRM

With laundry, the CRM software feature assists actively in retaining your customers and makes them your regulars. The system stores and saves your customer’s phone numbers and helps manage their billing.

Store Management

The CV Laundry management solution ensures hierarchical control in workflow management. Different level of employees has different rights so that they see only information that is necessary for their role.

Analytics and Dashboarding

CV Laundry management software provides a comprehensive analysis of your sales and cashflows. This helps study your service performance and profits better so that you can strategize and improve.

Advantages of Laundry Management Software

Streamlined Laundry Processes

Laundry management software provides a lot of features for launderers to manage their workflows. The software takes orders, processes them, and generates invoices all at a single click.

Paperless Procedures

IT solutions wherever deployed have been essential in cutting the clutter. And they have made no difference with laundry management services. A great deal of bookkeeping for bills and inventory is now sorted with the help of laundry management software. It also ensures safe and secured data storage at a centralized platform. You can now access your past data at the ease of a single click.

Account Management

Earlier, launderers would have to maintain registers to track their accounting, expenses of laundry items along with laundry purchases, sales, etc. Now, these things are sorted out with the laundry management services. It sends you a reminder when it is time to get payment from the client.

Streamlined Workflow

Work assignments and tracking can be done with more ease and efficiency. You can effectively divide work among different groups (or individuals) and check it through the laundry management software without any hassle.

Key Features

  • SAAS Ready. Licensing system is integrated.
  • Easy to reskin
  • Well Structured and documented code.
  • Flat Modern look with custom controls.
  • Easy to use even for a newbie
  • User Access Restriction based on role.
  • Get the required info at glance without the need to readjust by color status.
  • 2 Different types of POS screens
  • Supports 2”, 3”, A5, and A4 Paper size for Invoice Printing.
  • Supports 2”, 3”, A5, and A4 Paper size for Payment Receipt Printing.
  • Print Clothing labels for the whole order at once in 2” thermal paper.
  • Send SMS notification for Order status change and Payment Receipt.
  • Send Payment Reminder/ Custom Message to clients.
  • Search products in sale screen using the name, categories
  • Import and Export Products using Excel.
  • Detailed Business reporting.
  • Fast and reliable database engine MySQL.

1. Visual Studio 2012+
2. .NET Framework 4.5.2
3. Crystal Report Developer Edition
4. MySQL database engine.

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